What I received out of college that was far greater than my education, were lifelong friends. There is no doubt in my mind that I learned more from my friends and their families than I did from any one of my classes.

To this day, I still call one of these close friends by his college nickname, Pelzie. Pelzie’s 30-year old son Bobby is my godson. Bobby and I have been extremely close since he was born. Fifteen years ago Pelzie unfortunately became a widower, and 8 years ago he remarried. Not long after his marriage he and his new wife Joellen, courageously I think, decided to adopt a sweet Mexican-American baby boy. A year later the adoption agency called Pelzie and Joellen to let them know that their baby son now had a baby sister and asked if they would be willing to adopt her too. “Why not, how much harder can raising two be?”

Their rhetorical answer brings us to today’s topic: Pelzie’s Principles.

The two little ones are now 6 and 7 years old. Like most kids this age, adorable as they are, they like to tease and provoke each other. These two are keenly aware of each other’s emotional hot buttons!

To save themselves from the emotional turmoil of their two kids, Pelzie and Joellen decided their children were old enough to begin to learn a few of life’s principals.

Conceptually, these principles had to be easy enough for a 6 and 7 year old to grasp, and simple enough for them to actually remember. After long discussions, Pelzie and Joellen settled on three key principles for their children to learn.

Number one: Be Nice.

Number two: Listen.

Number three: Tell the Truth.

After Pelzie shared these three principles with me, I thought they were genius in their simplicity.

In the coming days we’ll examine each of these three simple principles that even a 6-year-old can begin to understand and delve deeper into the question:

After we have grown up, are these three principles in reality that simple or not?