My Uncle Clyde was everyone’s idea of what a favorite uncle should be – he certainly was my favorite!

One sundrenched summer day when I was a young boy my family stood on a downtown sidewalk watching the annual 4th of July parade my older brother Walt was proudly marching in. As my brother’s group marched by, my Uncle Clyde leaned over and whispered to me, “Look Joe, your brother is the only one marching in step!” Needless to say, my Uncle Clyde and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m pretty sure my uncle picked up that phrase while in the army during World War II, and I’ll never forget it. Even though I know my uncle was just kidding, I’ve wondered many times since then if I or someone else were the only ones “in step”.

There may not be an easy answer for knowing whether my Uncle Clyde’s observation holds true in every situation we may encounter, but what I think is important is that we seriously analyze the choices we have in front of us.  I think we should be secure enough to critically and honestly ask ourselves if we are a few steps behind rather than a few steps ahead.

Good Ole Uncle Clyde, hopefully his funny statement about marching in step can help us remember to make reasoned decisions that aren’t merely good for us, but good for everyone.