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People struggle with workplace politics everyday. My job as an executive coach is to help people develop the political skills necessary to succeed in any job.

Executives, managers and professionals can gain a crucial advantage by mastering workplace politics. Doing so maximizes a person's job satisfaction and decreases their stress levels.

Who Benefits from Coaching?

Company executives, Human Resources managers and professionals who work with direct reports, team members and supervisors can all benefit. These individuals may encounter a range of issues and interpersonal relationships that people aren't always trained to handle. An executive coach acts as a partner and an impartial sounding board.

An important aspect of executive coaching is recognizing and respecting the diverse ways people process the messages they send and receive. Understanding these political messages not only affects the coaching client but the rest of the team members.

Coaching Methodology

In order to have an accurate starting point, executive coaching begins by having the coaching client take a 360 Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) developed by the Hay Group of Boston. The ESCI gives the client and the coach a clear starting point for their coaching sessions.

The ESCI is not a selection tool. It is a tool used to increase performance of the individual.

The client and coach then set coaching goals based on topical areas that the coach and client mutually agree will be of most benefit to the client.

Lastly, the executive coach and client will agree on an effective feedback mechanism to report to stakeholders.


Confidentiality between client and coach is absolute.

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Benefits of Coaching

360  Emotional & Social Competency Inventory (ESCI)

Emotional and social intelligence is recognized as a key factor in leadership performance

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