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  • How many times have businesses failed, not because their product was bad, but because political power struggles became destructive?
  • How often have you thought, “What is their problem? They just don’t get it!”

We all know that when time is critical during the process of getting a new company off the ground, not getting caught up in the power struggles of workplace politics can mean the difference between success and failure.

Don’t let workplace politics be a reason for failure.

At one time or another almost every entrepreneur or investor struggles with workplace politics issues, just like everyone else in business. Entrepreneurs are most concerned about getting a new company/product off the ground and building a competent management team rather than focusing on the dynamics of workplace politics. Equity investors are concerned with the numbers and operational side and, although they can usually give entrepreneurs good advice in these areas, they are rarely trained on the people side of business.

Joe Boldan is a workplace politics expert. His experience as a co-founder and the former CEO of apparel company ExOfficio, along with his nine years as a faculty member at the University of Washington teaching about workplace politics, makes him an executive coach who identifies with both entrepreneurs and investors, and is a person they can safely go to for impartial feedback.

By working with Joe, entrepreneurs and investors will learn:

It makes sense to protect your new business venture by investing in a workplace politics “put contract” to help insure your team’s success.

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