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Sometimes your gut tells you that something or someone in your workplace is causing far too much tension and turmoil.

People may be skilled in their field of work, yet have little or no training in navigating the unpredictable world of workplace politics. Although many people think workplace politics is only negative, it can also be positive.

Acquiring basic insights into the world of workplace politics can be extremely beneficial to your company and to your career. If people weren't distracted by negative workplace politics (e.g. "if I didn't have to deal with her/him..."), morale would increase significantly which, not surprisingly, allows people to be more productive and creative.

My background draws from being an entrepreneur, co-founder and former CEO of the adventure travel apparel company, ExOfficio, Inc. and, for the past eight years, a faculty member at the University of Washington teaching “Applied Practical Psychology in the Workplace”.

BoldanHayes specializes in the art of workplace politics through public and private seminars, and executive coaching. We hope you have a few minutes to see what we have to offer.


Our Clients are Saying...

"Joe Boldan has been an invaluable mentor and teacher in my life. He's an excellent and insightful communicator with great understanding of business dynamics and workplace relationships. His character is one of a kind - always encouraging, optimistic, supportive, personable, warm, and down to earth. I highly recommend Joe for workplace coaching and business consulting."

Sharleen Y.

"I am very glad that I took it [the seminar]. It was instrumental in giving me the tools to succeed."

Sean J.

"I often think back on topics we discussed [in the seminar], and apply them to situations I encounter in the workplace."

Bryce E.

"Working with Joe has been very valuable to our growth as an organization. With his mastery of the dynamics of workplace strategy and communication, Joe's coaching helped us generate productive outcomes."

Natalie L.

"I've incorporated the skills I've learned. I have gotten lots of praises from both clients and upper management."

Aimee C.

"I always think of how an effective leader needs to know their message. I find that knowing my message has helped me (for the most part) be successful when working with others."

Maria R.

“I have continued to use everything I learned [in the seminar], and I even re-read the handouts."

Kirsten R.

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BoldanHayes is an executive coaching and workplace politics training company based in Seattle, Washington.

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