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The Art of Workplace Politics Crash Course

  • Ever felt misunderstood or not appreciated by your boss or colleagues?
  • Ever have a boss or co-worker you had difficulty getting along with?
  • Ever been frustrated or confused about workplace politics?

No workplace is perfect, but you don't have to let your job be a trial-and-error classroom! The Art of Workplace Politics crash course provides you with a basic understanding of workplace politics and the strategies that can make workplace politics work for you, not against you.

Course Details

In this 2-hour fast-paced, interactive course you will learn:

  • The three words that can cause conflict
  • How to deal with someone who likes to argue "for the sake of arguing"
  • How to handle a situation when someone seems intent on undermining your credibility (i.e. a "backstabber")
  • How to give and accept criticism
  • Strategies for recognizing and neutralizing “power plays”
  • The reason not “playing” workplace politics can be detrimental to your success

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