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Workplace Politics Seminar Series

  • Have you ever been frustrated or confused about workplace politics?
  • Have you ever felt misunderstood or not appreciated by your boss or your colleagues?
  • Do you have a coworker or boss that you're having trouble getting along with?

No workplace is perfect...

But if you want to sleep at night, you can take control of your career by learning practical skills that enable you to deal with workplace politics.

What makes the Workplace Politics Seminar Series more beneficial than other seminars?

  • Groups are smaller in size and everyone participates. No one gets lost in the back of the room.
  • Group members are engaged by using situations and case studies that can be customized for their specific workplace situation.
  • Sessions are tailored to interpersonal situations and/or challenges the participants have experienced or may currently be experiencing.
  • Follow-up executive coaching for each participant after the seminar concludes. Coaching is a critical component of the seminar series enabling each individual to
    • Reinforce the material learned in the series
    • Confidentially discuss issues they may want to resolve privately outside of the group setting

Participants will learn

  • What makes up workplace politics and how it actually functions
  • How to deal with political power struggles
  • How to diffuse workplace conflict
  • How honesty and integrity are rarely black and white
  • The different ways people think and communicate (e.g.engineers call it blue, marketers call it green)
  • How to let the art of apology work for you
  • The reasons to embrace your weaknesses
  • How to and when to fire someone and how it relates to workplace politics
  • How to know if and when to quit and move on

Seminar Series Methodology

  • Sessions are conducted using a form of the Socratic Method utilizing real life situations, role plays and case studies as they relate to the topics
  • Each seminar series consists of three, 2-hour sessions (including one 15 minute break). Sessions are held once a week for three consecutive weeks
  • Upon completion of the seminar series, each participant will receive an individual one hour follow-up executive coaching session which reinforces the seminar material and allows participants to confidentially discuss any issues they may want to resolve privately

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Workplace Politics Seminar Series

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BoldanHayes is an executive coaching and workplace politics training company based in Seattle, Washington.

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